Take your DIY wedding to the next level for amazing photos

I’m so excited to be featuring Mikenzie Ryan of France Photographers on the blog today! Mikenzie is an amazing local photographer here in the Texas Hill Country and is sharing with us her top 4 tips for taking your DIY wedding to the next level to get the best possible photos on your wedding day.  Keep reading for her amazing tips!

Take your DIY wedding to the next level for amazing photos

Mikenzie Ryan, France Photographers

Today is all about taking your DIY wedding and kicking it up a notch for the best photography without breaking the budget. DIY weddings can range from couples that are saving money by making the decor themselves, to brides who enjoy all the Pinterest crafts and choose to do them all for their wedding!

Regardless of where you fall on that scale, you all want your wedding photos to come out flawless. Duh. But the truth is, it takes a lot of work to make a wedding come together, and frankly, a lot of money! So, what can we do?! No one wants to sacrifice their wedding photos, so how can we have magazine worthy images on a budget?

DIY Wedding Photography_0002

1. It’s all in the details

Taking your photos to that next level doesn’t always have to break the bank. Bring in items that you already have, and that have special meaning to you!

We’ve had brides bring their grandma’s brooches or lace handkerchief for “something old”, which was both sentimental and beautiful! You could tie something unique around your bouquet, sew a piece of your mom’s dress to yours, bring your family’s bible that’s been passed down for generations, or even a cute wooden plate to display it all on!

All of these little items bring texture, character, and elegance to your wedding day. Plus, these details make for pictures you will LOVE to have in your wedding album!

DIY Wedding Photography_0001

2. Hire an experienced photographer

A good photographer can make or break your images. Someone with experience can take a wedding with a low floral budget and make it look like there were flowers everywhere!

Splurge on your bridal bouquet, opt for more greenery when it comes to your wedding party flowers, and your photographer can make it look glamorous! A beautiful bridal arrangement can be incorporated into your detail photos, cake pictures and even added to a table to take it up a notch.

These little tricks are all things a great photographer will teach you to ensure a stunning wedding day!

DIY Wedding Photography_0005

3. Let your personality shine

With Pinterest taking over the wedding industry, it’s hard to not be drawn to all the trendy color schemes and wedding styling. But try to remind yourself this is YOUR day, and you want to remember it as a special and unique day that you loved.

If you aren’t a lover of all things pink, don’t choose pink flowers! Make sure that your wedding lets your personalities shine through, even if that means quirky groomsmen ties and maybe a mother-daughter dance! There are beautiful ways to incorporate your favorite colors, flowers, traditions, and people into your big day. Stick to your guns and keep it authentic, no matter how tempting Pinterest may be.

DIY Wedding Photography_0003

4. Hire help

Having a DIY wedding doesn’t have to mean “do EVERYTHING yourself”. It could mean you make everything by hand, or maybe it means you hire the help you need and keep things simple by doing the planning and styling yourself. No one expects you to become a florist overnight! That is a trade that is taught and practiced for a long time before becoming a professional.

Extend yourself grace, and know that you can’t do everything. Having someone there on your wedding day to make sure all the vendors arrive on time and to tell you when to walk down the aisle is crucial. Listen when I say- you want your mom with YOU on your wedding day, not doing all the last minute details! Hire the help you need to ensure you have a relaxing, enjoyable wedding day!

DIY Wedding Photography_0004


Mikenzie Ryan is a wedding and portrait photographer with an all-female team, France Photographers. She specializes in photographing weddings in the Texas Hill Country, as well as engagements, and creative branding sessions for local businesses! When a camera is not in hand, Mikenzie is usually found outside playing with her little girl, Atlas, or watching The Office with her husband Tim (with a mimosa by her side, always). Mikenzie and her family live a minimal lifestyle in an RV and love to travel and be emerged in new cultures!

Thank you so much to Mikenzie with France Photographers for these great tips to help DIY Brides get the most out of their wedding photography! You can find out more about Mikenzie and the amazing France Photography team on their website.

If you’re a DIY Bride in need of a Day-of Coordinator to help you relax and enjoy your wedding day please contact us to schedule a phone consultation.


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